Technology advances by leaps and bounds and gives us fresh products from science fiction films

2017 is being a very prolific year the technology industry not only by the well-known iPhone X, but because of other inventions and gadgets of futuristic look that promise to be part of the society in a short term. These are unimaginable objects a few years ago that transport us to science fiction movies. They will be public in a few years and everybody will be able to see them on the street everyday.

3D printed plasters

Medicine is one of the fields that offers most opportunities to the technology industry. One of the inventions of the year is related to 3D printers, which will end up discarding the old and annoying plasters replacing them with light and anatomically made plaster.

Piloted Drones

Drones are slowly getting their space in our society. They are commonly used in the audiovisual industry, but over the years we will accustom ourselves to see flying motorbikes, almost like in Star Wars.

Folding screens

Although there are devices with flexible screens, it is at 2018 when technology companies will start to turn around with this type of products for their different devices.

Refrigerated display

Opening the refrigerator every time to check what we need is about to end. From now it will simply be necessary to observe the screen of our refrigerator to see its content and the environmental conditions of its interior.

Robotic cook

The best cookie will be a robot soon. Its arms will slide through the extractor area to help us not to spoil the rice or the water does not overflow the boil.

Canine translator

A British company has created this system that analyzes the patterns of animal’s thoughts and translates them into words thanks to encephalography. The friendship between humans and dogs is about to improve even more.

Glasses with sound

Forget the headphones. These glasses promise to clear the pinna so that we are attentive to the environment and in turn we can have conversations during the 3 hours that its battery lasts.

Sammy screamer

These little devices will help parents to know if their child has opened a door, woke up from a nap or entered an inappropriate place by sending a message to the phone.

All in one keychain

A device that allows to attach keys, pen drives and also warns us if it loses seems an interesting product, although the current price of 145 euros is still a bit high.

Smart contact lenses

Google Glass has already gone down in history because of these tiny lenses that are able to record and play video, collect data and broadcast live.