This device has an online application system to improve web positioning

Digital marketing is more in vogue than ever. It is a advertising field in which all companies have a part of their efforts to achieve notoriety in an increasingly competitive market. In this way, the figures of SEO and SEM specialists emerged, able to achieve a good online positioning so that any business has visibility on the web and obtain more visits and, consequently, repercussion.

In the middle of this situation SeoBox is born, the first SEO device in the world. This tool promises to achieve a good web positioning from the outset just by connecting it to the computer. Through a complete system of online applications for the needs of each user and different modules depending on the services that are needed, it can help to achieve greater penetration in the network to those who need to boost their business.

SeoBox offers four types of modules:


This app monitors the positions of your keywords while optimizing your SEO Onsite. Control up to 1000 keywords and make personalized reports, among other services.


This module controls the status of positioning in Spain locally to know at all times the state of our SEO. It is capable of monitoring up to five cities per project.


This application controls how often the Google robot visits your page and saves it in its cache. It offers daily monitoring, monitors possible indexing problems and performs detailed graphs.


Power the CTR of your web and improve your user experience data to boost your rankings. It analyzes up to 5000 minutes of navigation per day, builds navigation routes and controls traffic, among other applications.


After this exposition only remains to reflect if a machine is capable of carrying out the work of a specialist in the matter, or if it is as successful as its creators claim. It remains to prove it.