Videotutorial to explain your product – Coolifting

Do you have a new product and want an alternative to the classic instruction manual? Easy. Record a video tutorial.

The complex instructions belong to the last century. At those times we could spend an entire afternoon in front of a piece of furniture without mounting, constantly leafing through the pages of a complex text. Well, forget about that. Video is the present. A clear, brief and concise tool to explain easily how a product works. What is more, it can even entertain you.

Coolifting has counted on One Produccions for a video tutorial destined to the internal communication. Having created a new facial treatment product, they thought that their employees would understand it much better and, consequently, would perform better quality work and better results if they saw how to use it, instead of simply reading it. Thus, in this new content you can see all the characteristics of the product, its step by step use and the indications for its maintenance.

In short, the video tutorial is a simple and direct content, easy to share via e-mail or social networks, so that if you have any doubts you can go to it quickly. In addition, in case the client asks for it, it will be much more accessible to teach him the treatment to which they is going to pay.