TV series as tourist attraction


A lot of cities all around the world use TV series and movies shootings to be promoted worldwide.

game of thrones

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is a phenomenon, but apart from its powerful narrative and its ability to gather millions of followers in front of the TV, it has more abilities like make the people travel around the planet to go to the most famous places of the Seven Kingdoms in real life.

HBO’s fiction has visited Spain in many times to reproduce its multiple cultures and kingdoms. Thus, cities like Caceres, Girona, Peñíscola or Sevilla has given shape to King’s Landing or Dorne, but the track that GoT has left does not end there. Thanks to this TV series and many others, some cities are experienced an increase of tourism and, consequently, economy.

Despite digital effects to build unimaginable and huge castles and fortress, these cities offer the opportunity to transport the spectator to a medieval time that was attractive before Game of Thrones but now it is much more because of the ability of teleport us to those places that where only available in books.

This is the power of fiction. A power that politicians must not let pass because, apart from promote culture, encouraging TV series and movies shootings they are empowering the brand Spain and the perception of our country abroad. This will bring financial benefits and a better rep in the long term.