Spots on the internet – Smartfuel App

Nowadays advertising uses different ways of communication with the advancement of technology. This also varies the form, tone and message

As advertising is expanding on the internet, there are more and more companies that only decide to advertise themselves on it because television can be too much expensive. This is why the network is full of flashy, fun and direct content in which the message is clear and the audience gets and values the idea immediately.

Once again, Som la Competència has counted on One Produccions for recording four spots for Smartfuel, an app for telematic payment at gas stations to make life easier for drivers. They offer speed and comfort, expense control and geolocation, features that we try to show in these four advertising products in which humor and simplicity of the message predominate, so that it reaches the audiencie free of obstacles. For this we have counted on David Fernandez, known for his character Chikilicuatre, among many others.

These spots for advertising agency James Brand reinforce the idea that the present and the future of adds are on the internet. Nowadays the quality that this medium allows is equal or superior to the one of television, with the addition of more agility and visibility thanks to the possibility to share the content in social networks. Internet gives the opportunity to viralize the content to get the largest possible audience. All are advantages with the current technologies, and from One Produccions we make our best to use them for the benefit of all our clients.

Spots Smartfuel