Spot falls into disuse in Spanish football

Years of mythical spots pasted, like “Ya estamos aquí”, by Atlético de Madrid for the season 2002-2003.

Spots in current football are vanishing. The more international is this sport, the more it becomes a business and the more clubs pay for signings, the more the supporters are forgotten, although they were the beginning of all of this. Some time ago advertising campaigns focused on them because season passes were the most important incomes for clubs. Nowadays, television rights and international markets have modified that and incomes come from very different ways.

Thank to spots in short TV story, we have been onlookers of truly advertising masterpieces. Atletico de Madrid spot for season 2002-2003, named “Ya estamos aqui”, has become a real myth to atletico’s fans and every TV spectators. Generally speaking, the red and white club has emerged as the main supporter of these kind of advertising contents.

The reality is that clubs are stopping using spots and these are dying little by little. Social networks, websites and the possibility of having an own TV channel diminish the efficiency of this content, which nowadays aspire to become viral and being an anecdote more than obtain real benefits. For 2017-2018 season only Celta, Real Sociedad and UD Las Palmas have already recorded one. The summers is still to pass, but it is not expected from the other clubs to do the same.

New technologies have brought new tools to send messages to the target. Spot has always been and will be one of the most important ones, but nowadays it has to be combined with other channels to reach all audiences available, despite our issue is football, such a concrete one. One Produccions give you the opportunity to use a lot of tools to achieve your aims. We do make spots, but we also work with internet, social networks and the newest technologies to make the message leave a mark on people, what is what matters in the end.

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