Illumination, sound and video – Forum The Arcview Group Europa

The Arcview Group Forum | Barcelona | One Produccions

The Arcview Group Forum | Barcelona | One Produccions

Forum The Arcview Group Europa was celebrated last March, the main event in the whole continent that shows to the community the opportunity to invest on projects and consolidated companies in the legal cannabis industry. One Produccions provided them with its services of production, illumination, sound and video in this mass meeting, which was celebrated in Barcelona World Trade Center. There were more than 100 people from the United States and Europe.

Individual workers and companies had the opportunity to show their future projects to qualified investors, europeans and northamericans, and One Produccions was there to make everything possible thanks to its human resources and technical means: cranes, focus, cameras and control panels.

Arcview Group has the certainty that the most important thing is taking advantage of the opportunities that cannabis offers in different sectors like pharmaceutical, biotech, textile, consumption or food derivatives. They work hard with the aim of starting the next generation of business related to cannabis plant and a lot of innovative companies. A future in which One Produccions will be working again. The second edition of Forum Europa will be celebrated on June, 2018, and we will put all our resources and means so that the forum will be as succesful as it was this year, taking into account assistants and the distribution of their content all around the world.

Here you can see the production of the event: