How to know if your mobile camera is good

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If you are the one who pays more attention on the camera than the rest of the elements when buying a mobile phone, this article might be interesting to you

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As we told in the previous article of the blog, today most mobile phone users who like to take amateur-level photographs for their social networks or personal albums only carry their mobile devices instead of compact digital cameras. Mobile phones have not reached the quality of a digital SLR camera, and it is very complicated this happens, but the technology advances and the cameras of our phones are getting better and better.

We often tend to think that the number of megapixels means quality, but nothing further from reality. Megapixels are a size unit. The more you have, the bigger the picture, but if a photograph is enough good with 2 megapixels (1080p) at least, why should we be obsessed about our camera having more than 20?

However, the ability of our phone to capture light will tell us much more about the goodness of its camera. As a basic rule, if a phone is capable of capturing good night or low-light images, your camera will undoubtedly be good. It is also the focal aperture. The smaller the value of the “f /” number, the better. The usual in high-end mobile phones is f / 2.2 or f / 2.0.

Focus speed is another factor to keep in mind. If our mobile is fast we will be able to capture a snapshot without spoiling it because of the focus. Also, make sure your phone has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to prevent blur unless you have the pulse of a surgeon. But the top of mobile phone cameras is the professional mode, that allows us to save files in RAW format, modify the focus, vary the speed of exposure or ISO.