Google Perspective: the new enemy of trolls

Google creates a new tool to eliminate bad comments, threats and insults automatically so as to build a healthier and enriching worldwide web.

Google Perspective

Internet trolls have a new enemy. Google is developing a new tool to eliminate bad comments, threats and insults automatically to make a better internet, with the absence of disturbing and disgusting users. This tool, called Perspective, is still in beta phase but it is to be launched in few months.

How many of us have participated in a conversation on the web, whether in social networks, chatrooms or Youtube, and it has become an arrogant argument with offensive comments? How many times have we watched the debate about whether is the better, spanish or latino, dubbing of The Simpsons? Google wants to put an end to bad users and make the web apt for children.

This Artificial Intelligence moderates comments and erases insults and threats. Its creator, Jared Cohen, says that AI will learn quickly. Until then a group of moderators will classify these bad comments until the application learns to ban these users by itself.

But this app has born with a debate with itself. The one about if we must assume cybercensorship and our comments are eliminated not because of a bad use of words but undesirable opinions or critical comments. It is only time to wait.

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