Ghost orchestra returns to Notre Dame thanks to virtual reality

The proyect who leads Brian Katz allows people to walk through the cathedral and listen La Vierge (The Virgin), a XIX century opera by Jules Massenet.

Notre Dame

In 2012 and 2013, because of Notre Dame 850th anniversary, its orchestra performed Jules Massenet’s La Vierge (The Virgin) in a special program. As it used to be in these cases, just few lucky people could watch the event in such an incomparable place. That is why a team of experts have worked to offer this concert to everyone and we all can enjoy it. Everything thanks to 360º technology.

The project has been carried out with live records of the concert plus virtual 360º recreation of the cathedral. This allow people to watch everywhere and even fly inside the place to watch every single corner. The most amazing thing is how have they accomplished a perfect acoustic. It shrouds you and changes depending on spectator’s position.

“3D-audio is the hot topic today in virtual reality that is currently a very active subject in both academic and industrial research,” said Brian F. G. Katz, who leads the project. “With the commercialization of affordable VR systems spatial audio is rapidly emerging from the laboratory.”

Virtual Reality is improving everyday, and not only by its spectacularity but also because it is capable of built places from another age and make us live them in any moment and any time.