Future Olympic Games are already here

Intel Corporation substitutes McDonald’s as sponsor of the most important sports event in the world

Intel Corporation Olympic Games

International Olympic Committee has announced that Intel Corporation will be the substitute of McDonald’s as main sponsor of the Olympic Games, the most important sports worldwide. Thus, the Californian company ends with 40 years of patronage from fast food multinational to change extremely the technology of the Olympic Games until 2024 and demonstrate that they are more than a circuit manufacturer company. Under the motto “Welcome to the future of the Olympic Games”, Americans promise a broadcasting revolution applying the newest technologies, even those which are still to come.

Virtual reality is Intel’s first card. This technology is still arriving in dribs and drabs to users’ homes, but they hope the market evolves in this way so as to proportionate in Tokio 2020 a real time 180º vision of everything is happening thank to TrueVR cameras.

But they have also thought about those who can’t have virtual reality. That is why they will implement the best volumetric video system with the best new improvements in the market. Therefore, this 32 cameras system will provide spectators with the most minimum detail available so as to watch everything from their favorite sports. Everything just from sofa.

The ideal complements which are succeeding in TV and Youtube are drones. A tool which saves money and reaches where was not possible before. Competitions far from stadiums are the most beneficiary ones with this technology. Sports like sailing, canoeing or cycling will have a different point of view.

Finally, and oriented to organizers, sportsmen and journalists, 5G technology will be available in the whole olympic villages. A technology that is still to come in two or three years and which will be present to make communications easier. This new mobile phone generation not will only be used to download faster than before but also to do it simultaneously in more devices.