Event coverage – MUT Everis Game Day

Have you organized an event and want to make a good impression? Go to audiovisual production to capture everything you can imagine with a making of.

One Produccions was at Everis Game Day, a virtual reality video game tournament for young people organized by the MUT agency, from Barcelona. Our job was capturing every moment, every reaction, in such a way that the fun and the sensations that were lived in the event will be recorded forever.

Thus, what could have been a publicity and entertainment event and ended up being much more: an experiences exchange, good atmosphere, where this group of university students of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia disconnected from their routines to feel something different. In this way, it is not so important the advanced technology that could be enjoyed in the event as the experiences of these young people, who enjoyed themselves with good video games, food, other types of entertainment and, as a grand finale, amazing prizes that would not have so much impact if One Produccions was not have been there to record it..

Do not resign yourself and count on us to record your event. The message will leave a deep mark on the spectators and reach a larger audience, who will enjoy watching events and wish not only to have been there, but to be in person in the future.