Is it time for the front camera to be better than the rear camera?

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Social networks and selfies have caused users to give greater use to the front camera of their devices

Nowadays having a good phone camera is something usual and taken for granted, but it was not always so. The first mobile phone popular use with camera was launched 17 years ago. It was the J-SH04, from the Japanese company Sharp. It was not until 2002 when telephones with an incorporated camera arrived in the United States with the model SCP-5300 of Sanyo, also Japanese. This model incorporated tools such as flash and white balance, among others. However, what was a great qualitative leap was Nokia 7650, establishing a milestone in telephony history with a 0.3 megapixels camera with a resolution of 640×480 VGA.

After so many years of technological advances, most mobile devices have not only simple cameras, but also some capable of capturing very high-quality snapshots and 4K resolution videos, but the future of technology is not only determined by companies, but also users. Thus, social networks and the use that its users have made of them have caused a drastic evolution in frontal cameras, which in some cases are more used than their neighbors in the back.

Instagram, the fastest growing network that nowadays has 700 million users, is the clearest example of photographs taken with both cameras. Total numbers of these are close to be equal. While some take advantage of the frontal camera to shoot group selfies in emblematic places or simply to show their friendship and record Stories, others benefit from the quality of their cameras to capture beautiful snapshots or the most intimate moments of their lives.

It is not clear that the frontal camera has to be better than the posterior, but the tendency should be both having the same quality. It is true that the screen of the phone gives less space to install a higher capacity lens, but technology has already surprised us on many occasions to do it again. For now there are already 8 megapixel front cameras with an f/ 1.7. In a few months we are about to experience a multitude of improvements in this matter.

Learn how to write 280-character messages on Twitter


Twitter allows the writing of messages of 280 characters for a few days, although only some users can enjoy this radical change of the North American company.

The social network Twitter has surprised its entire community with the increase in the number of characters of the tweets, which will go from 140 to a maximum of 280, double what was allowed until now. While this is a temporary measure to see how it evolves, it has already annoyed some users who had accustomed themselves to these short messages since the social network saw the light back in 2006.

The reason for this decision is the difference between the different languages around the world. They argue that while Japanese, Korean or Chinese need fewer characters to transmit information, in languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese or French, for example, users are in a hurry to not exceed the previously established limit.

The American company already made things easier for users when photographs and labels stopped taking up text space. Even links, however long, occupy a certain number of characters, enough to add the text that we want. Even so, the appearance of the famous “threads” has surely made Twitter think about it, which in this way facilitates things to the tweeters who like to have long conversations in the social network.

Whether it is a successful measure or that ends up being the end of the essence of Twitter we will not know until a time, when the measure is consolidated or, on the other hand, those in charge of the social network decide to step back and return to 140 characters. For now, only a few can enjoy this addition. For those who do not, here we leave you the way to have the new 280 characters available:

Step 1: Download the TamperMonkey extension in your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on the icon of the extension, press the “add new script” option, copy the code shown below as it appears and click on the icon of the diskette to save the changes.

// == UserScript ==

// @name Twitter Cramming

// @description Force enable cramming (280 character tweets) on Twitter

// @author Prof. 9

// @version 0.1

// @match*

// @ run-at document-idle

// @namespace prof9.twittercramming

// == / UserScript ==

var initDataInput = document.getElementById (‘init-data’);

var initData = JSON.parse (initDataInput.value);

initData.deciders.cramming_feature_enabled = true;

initData.deciders.cramming_ui_enabled = true;

initDataInput.value = JSON.stringify (initData);

Step 3: Log in to your Twitter account and enjoy messages of 280 characters. Twitter will always indicate on the numeric panel that you have 140 characters left, even if your actual extension has doubled.

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