Digital advertising will pass television in three years

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The growth of advertising investments on web pages, social networks and search engines will increase to pass the traditional television commercials

According to the experts, it is foreseen that the digital advertising will pass traditional in 2020. A clear example of the communication times are changing, especially since the global implementation of the internet and the unstoppable growth of search engines’ and social networks’ influence.

This trend is positive because every advertising consumption, whether digital or conventional, is good for the industry. The negative part comes when more than half of the investment for the coming years will focus on search engines, an area where Google practically owns the monopoly, an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to have visibility on the internet.

On the other hand are the social networks. Youtube as a business is a reality, and more and more users prefer watching video on demand instead of what a rigid television programming offers, that does not satisfy all ages public according to their likes. This is how the youtuber phenomenon has grown, helped by a huge advertising investment. A trend that is inevitably growing.

The rest of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram also offer the possibility of investing to obtain more visibility and, consequently, more followers and likes per publication. A clear example is that advertising is concentrating on smaller spaces where the effectiveness is consequently greater.

All of this does not mean that when 2020 arrives it will be the end of TV commercials, like the Christmas Lottery or the first spot of the new year, the most expensive one, but we will pay attention to how the advertising market is going to change because we, as potential users, will still have much to say in it.

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