6 tips for wedding photography


Weddings have become the professional photographer’s daily life, but doing quality work is no easy task

Weddings have incorporated more and more innovations with the passage of the years. From the simplicity and tradition of the last century, with few guests and small ceremonies, to huge events with even more than one celebration day. There have also been many changes with regard to technology. Hand in hand with the evolution of the cameras has also gone the professionalism of the photographers, who are able to provide clients with high quality works. Even though it may seem simple, a wedding is a challenge if the ultimate goal is a perfect album. Therefore, we give you some keys to make the work as efficient as possible:


Good planning

It may seem obvious, but preparing the material in advance can avoid many troubles. You never have to feel too confident. It is better to check things twice before you suffer a surprise on the day of the event. It is also necessary to know every wedding moment to know where to be at the right time. Therefore, going to all key locations and ask the clients how the day will be will greatly help photographers.

Two, always better than one

Two photographers will capture moments better than one. Not only because they shoot double, but because it allows giving different perspectives and assurance that there is someone to help the other in case of a setback. It is also advisable to use two types of lens that open the range of possibilities.

Top material

A good material is what one characteristic that makes us stand out above the rest, but it’s no good if you do not make the most of it. Having good machines, great objectives and perfect lighting should be accompanied by a mastery of them. The technology advances every day and you have to be up to the last to offer the bride and groom all the possibilities.

A good team is what one of the characteristics that makes us stand out above the rest, but it’s no good if you do not make the most of it. Having a good appliances, great objectives and perfect lighting should be accompanied by a mastery of them. The technology advances every day and you have to be up to the last to offer the bride and groom all the possibilities.

Attention in key moments

At certain points you must not risk. Prepare the burst mode and pay attention at moments like the entrance of the bride, the rings, the first kiss or the exit of the temple. Even so, if you have done a good preparation, you will be able to turn that moment in an authentic work of photographic art without losing emotion and authenticity.

Shoot small details

Details are the key. Here, the clinical eye of the photographer plays a crucial role in capturing what makes each wedding unique and different from the rest. A look, a smile, a zoom in a very specific object or moment … there are countless situations that the photographer should be aware of.

Editing skills

The photograph does not end until it goes through the computer. If we have used RAW format we will have many more possibilities to create without losing the quality of the image. A good knowledge of programs like Photoshop can completely change a snapshot. Of course you should not adulterate a photograph, but play with the different elements of it to get the perfect picture. With luck, it will rest on a shelf for dozens of years.

GoPro Hero6 and Fusion revolutionize the market

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While GoPro had already established itself as the leading brand in the action camera market for years, it now makes a qualitative leap with its new products.

GoPro Hero6 and Fusion are going to give a lot of talk in the coming months. The American company has presented its latest products to revolutionize the market of action cameras again, as well as photography. In this way, it takes one step more in video quality and it enters in the photographic market and 360 video, a very current technology in recent times.

GoPro Hero6 is a camera with a 4K60 video quality and 1080p240, with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, higher recharging speed and a more economic performance, in addition to photography in RAW and HDR format. It can also be submerged up to 10 meters deep. In addition, the possibility to edit the best scenes with QuikStories application is a plus to publish high quality videos in the social networks.

On the other hand, Fusion has two lenses of 5.2K30 and 3K60 for 360 video, with the possibility to select a shot and edit it as a high definition video thanks to OverCapture application. With these features, GoPro ensures that you do not need to shoot conventional photographs because each frame will have a quality of 300 pixels per inch.

All these benefits mean a high price of 569.99 euros and 749.99 euros for GoPro Hero6 and Fusion, respectively. A high cost that will be worth if we know to get the most of these two new machines that promise to revolutionize the video and photography market again.

The 10 most futuristic inventions of 2017

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Technology advances by leaps and bounds and gives us fresh products from science fiction films

2017 is being a very prolific year the technology industry not only by the well-known iPhone X, but because of other inventions and gadgets of futuristic look that promise to be part of the society in a short term. These are unimaginable objects a few years ago that transport us to science fiction movies. They will be public in a few years and everybody will be able to see them on the street everyday.

3D printed plasters

Medicine is one of the fields that offers most opportunities to the technology industry. One of the inventions of the year is related to 3D printers, which will end up discarding the old and annoying plasters replacing them with light and anatomically made plaster.

Piloted Drones

Drones are slowly getting their space in our society. They are commonly used in the audiovisual industry, but over the years we will accustom ourselves to see flying motorbikes, almost like in Star Wars.

Folding screens

Although there are devices with flexible screens, it is at 2018 when technology companies will start to turn around with this type of products for their different devices.

Refrigerated display

Opening the refrigerator every time to check what we need is about to end. From now it will simply be necessary to observe the screen of our refrigerator to see its content and the environmental conditions of its interior.

Robotic cook

The best cookie will be a robot soon. Its arms will slide through the extractor area to help us not to spoil the rice or the water does not overflow the boil.

Canine translator

A British company has created this system that analyzes the patterns of animal’s thoughts and translates them into words thanks to encephalography. The friendship between humans and dogs is about to improve even more.

Glasses with sound

Forget the headphones. These glasses promise to clear the pinna so that we are attentive to the environment and in turn we can have conversations during the 3 hours that its battery lasts.

Sammy screamer

These little devices will help parents to know if their child has opened a door, woke up from a nap or entered an inappropriate place by sending a message to the phone.

All in one keychain

A device that allows to attach keys, pen drives and also warns us if it loses seems an interesting product, although the current price of 145 euros is still a bit high.

Smart contact lenses

Google Glass has already gone down in history because of these tiny lenses that are able to record and play video, collect data and broadcast live.

The 10 best action cameras, according to ‘Gadget’

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Some brands fight to defeat GoPro and dominate an increasing market

camaras de acción

Source: Gadget

Several years ago, GoPro was the leading brand in the market for action cameras. This market has been growing for the last few years because of its versatility and all the opportunities it offers to record spectacular videos in any place and in multiple forms. Little by little, these small cameras have been improving until being able to give an exquisite quality. That’s why we echo the top 10 action cameras of 2017, a list of the publication ‘Gadget’.

The action camera with higher video resolution

GoPro Hero4 Black (4K at 30 frames per second) and Sony Action Cam 4K FDR-X100V, of the same resolution and fps, are the best action cameras in this field. All other models offer similar or slightly lower resolution, but offer less frames per second.

The action camera with higher photo resolution

Four cameras share the first place in this category, a sample of the number of good cameras that are currently on the market. Thus, Garmin VIRB Elite, JVC Adixxion GC-XA2, Rollei ActionCam 7S WiFi and Toshiba Camileo X-Sports are the most effective when capturing images.

The lighter action camera

With a 31 grams weight and a 128 grams control unit, Panasonic HX-A500E-D is the lightest camera on the market, followed by Energy Sport Cam Pro and Nilox F-60 EVO.

The most connected action camera

While all models use HDMI and WiFi, Sony Action Cam 4K FDR-X100V adds bluetooth, NFC and GPS connection, a wide range of possibilities to share videos of this excellent camera of the Japanese brand.

The most submersible action camera

iON Air Pro 3, JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 and Panasonic HX-A500E-D are the queens in this category. These can be submerged to 15, 5 and 3 meters respectively without additional enclosures.

The best accompanying action camera

GoPro Hero4 Black also reigns in this category. It is the one that has more accessories. This brand is followed by Sony, which includes a dog harness, and Garmin.

The best screen action camera

Nilox F-60 EVO is the one that offers a better screen if you like to review the photos before and after making them. It has a two-inch color back monitor. Rollei ActionCam 7S WiFi and Toshiba Camileo X-Sports go after it.

The action camera with more autonomy

Energy Sport Cam Pro and Garmin VIRB Elite are capable of recording Full HD quality for three hours thanks to batteries of 1,130 mAh and 2000 mAh, respectively.

The action camera with excellent value for money

If you do not need a professional camera, Energy Sport Cam Pro, JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 and Toshiba Camileo X-Sports are the best quality/price in the whole market in that order.

How to know if your mobile camera is good

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If you are the one who pays more attention on the camera than the rest of the elements when buying a mobile phone, this article might be interesting to you

camara móvil

As we told in the previous article of the blog, today most mobile phone users who like to take amateur-level photographs for their social networks or personal albums only carry their mobile devices instead of compact digital cameras. Mobile phones have not reached the quality of a digital SLR camera, and it is very complicated this happens, but the technology advances and the cameras of our phones are getting better and better.

We often tend to think that the number of megapixels means quality, but nothing further from reality. Megapixels are a size unit. The more you have, the bigger the picture, but if a photograph is enough good with 2 megapixels (1080p) at least, why should we be obsessed about our camera having more than 20?

However, the ability of our phone to capture light will tell us much more about the goodness of its camera. As a basic rule, if a phone is capable of capturing good night or low-light images, your camera will undoubtedly be good. It is also the focal aperture. The smaller the value of the “f /” number, the better. The usual in high-end mobile phones is f / 2.2 or f / 2.0.

Focus speed is another factor to keep in mind. If our mobile is fast we will be able to capture a snapshot without spoiling it because of the focus. Also, make sure your phone has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to prevent blur unless you have the pulse of a surgeon. But the top of mobile phone cameras is the professional mode, that allows us to save files in RAW format, modify the focus, vary the speed of exposure or ISO.