Audiovisual Production – Stago Academy (II Users Forum)

Stago Academy | Barcelona | One Produccions

Stago Academy | Barcelona | One Produccions

Stago celebrated II Stago users Forum in Barcelona last April. It is a meeting with the aim of providing with scientific knowledge based on hemostasis to the whole medical community and also students interested on this medical issue.

Stago Academy counted on Pi Elevate for production and One Produccions for the audiovisual production of the event, in wich lots of people went, from experts to students. Thanks to live system, which includes multiscreen presentation so as to bring the speaker closer to the audience, we show the presentations to the public based on explicative graphics.

But the content does not die after the meeting. One Produccions offers the opportunity to live the event again in any moment from any kind of device thanks to the recording of the event. Anyone has the chance to watch all the expositions from home or wherever they want just by a single clic. Doing this, the meeting will be available when needed.

Here you can see the audiovisual production of the event: