360º Video – LCI Barcelona

LCI Barcelona | 360 video | One Produccions

LCI Barcelona | 360 video | One Produccions

Give a new point of view to your place. One Produccions offers to spectators the opportunity to achieve a total immersion and also the chance of accessing to every single corner with a panoramic view which enables reccording in all directions at the same time. All of that thanks to 360º video. The result is a video based on real images where spectators have the total control of the viewing.

The perfect example is the work done for LCI Barcelona, in which is possible to walk through the entire school so as to knowing all its different zones and having the feeling of being in the place. You can do this just by using your tactile devices or with the mouse of your pc. The campus is entirely open with this technology: the width of the agora, the size and brightness of its classrooms and also watching teachers and students waking, talking or just relaxing on the halls.

The 360º was at the Salo d’enseyament, where universities and high schools showed their offers to next year students. In this case they could enjoy theirselves with a virtual vission system to watch the facilities.

The clue is putting the users in the middle, focus on its presence and make they live an astonishing experience. 360º video is the closest thing to being present. In the sort term it will be available watching an apartment for rent or testing a car virtually. In the case of LCI Barcelona, it is possible to feel the people waking around. Moving your head and watching to every single place. All of that without leaving home or a hundred kilometres away. There is no doubt that is the best way to show your facilities.

Here you can see the 360º video for LCI Barcelona (click and move the mouse to enjoy the video):