Event coverage – MUT Everis Game Day

Have you organized an event and want to make a good impression? Go to audiovisual production to capture everything you can imagine with a making of.

One Produccions was at Everis Game Day, a virtual reality video game tournament for young people organized by the MUT agency, from Barcelona. Our job was capturing every moment, every reaction, in such a way that the fun and the sensations that were lived in the event will be recorded forever.

Thus, what could have been a publicity and entertainment event and ended up being much more: an experiences exchange, good atmosphere, where this group of university students of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia disconnected from their routines to feel something different. In this way, it is not so important the advanced technology that could be enjoyed in the event as the experiences of these young people, who enjoyed themselves with good video games, food, other types of entertainment and, as a grand finale, amazing prizes that would not have so much impact if One Produccions was not have been there to record it..

Do not resign yourself and count on us to record your event. The message will leave a deep mark on the spectators and reach a larger audience, who will enjoy watching events and wish not only to have been there, but to be in person in the future.

TV series as tourist attraction


A lot of cities all around the world use TV series and movies shootings to be promoted worldwide.

game of thrones

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is a phenomenon, but apart from its powerful narrative and its ability to gather millions of followers in front of the TV, it has more abilities like make the people travel around the planet to go to the most famous places of the Seven Kingdoms in real life.

HBO’s fiction has visited Spain in many times to reproduce its multiple cultures and kingdoms. Thus, cities like Caceres, Girona, Peñíscola or Sevilla has given shape to King’s Landing or Dorne, but the track that GoT has left does not end there. Thanks to this TV series and many others, some cities are experienced an increase of tourism and, consequently, economy.

Despite digital effects to build unimaginable and huge castles and fortress, these cities offer the opportunity to transport the spectator to a medieval time that was attractive before Game of Thrones but now it is much more because of the ability of teleport us to those places that where only available in books.

This is the power of fiction. A power that politicians must not let pass because, apart from promote culture, encouraging TV series and movies shootings they are empowering the brand Spain and the perception of our country abroad. This will bring financial benefits and a better rep in the long term.

Google Perspective: the new enemy of trolls

Google creates a new tool to eliminate bad comments, threats and insults automatically so as to build a healthier and enriching worldwide web.

Google Perspective

Internet trolls have a new enemy. Google is developing a new tool to eliminate bad comments, threats and insults automatically to make a better internet, with the absence of disturbing and disgusting users. This tool, called Perspective, is still in beta phase but it is to be launched in few months.

How many of us have participated in a conversation on the web, whether in social networks, chatrooms or Youtube, and it has become an arrogant argument with offensive comments? How many times have we watched the debate about whether is the better, spanish or latino, dubbing of The Simpsons? Google wants to put an end to bad users and make the web apt for children.

This Artificial Intelligence moderates comments and erases insults and threats. Its creator, Jared Cohen, says that AI will learn quickly. Until then a group of moderators will classify these bad comments until the application learns to ban these users by itself.

But this app has born with a debate with itself. The one about if we must assume cybercensorship and our comments are eliminated not because of a bad use of words but undesirable opinions or critical comments. It is only time to wait.


Ghost orchestra returns to Notre Dame thanks to virtual reality

The proyect who leads Brian Katz allows people to walk through the cathedral and listen La Vierge (The Virgin), a XIX century opera by Jules Massenet.

Notre Dame

In 2012 and 2013, because of Notre Dame 850th anniversary, its orchestra performed Jules Massenet’s La Vierge (The Virgin) in a special program. As it used to be in these cases, just few lucky people could watch the event in such an incomparable place. That is why a team of experts have worked to offer this concert to everyone and we all can enjoy it. Everything thanks to 360º technology.

The project has been carried out with live records of the concert plus virtual 360º recreation of the cathedral. This allow people to watch everywhere and even fly inside the place to watch every single corner. The most amazing thing is how have they accomplished a perfect acoustic. It shrouds you and changes depending on spectator’s position.

“3D-audio is the hot topic today in virtual reality that is currently a very active subject in both academic and industrial research,” said Brian F. G. Katz, who leads the project. “With the commercialization of affordable VR systems spatial audio is rapidly emerging from the laboratory.”

Virtual Reality is improving everyday, and not only by its spectacularity but also because it is capable of built places from another age and make us live them in any moment and any time.


Using technology to strengthen our abilities

The labour market it is not a static world to search job anymore. New technologies have changed it completely to make the communication reciprocal. Sometimes the company is the one who goes for the worker and not the opposite, and this is thanks to new platforms.

tecnología explotar habilidades

The labour market has always been a place to make a pilgrimage. We all went to it to send CVs and waited for an answer that many times never came. Until today. Thank to new technologies and social platforms, many people has stopped waiting and have launched their own brand plannes. Thus, in many times, the market has been the one to start taking to hire them.

In communication world is indispensable the necessity of being present on the internet and social networks to be relevant. We must take the advance of a connexion without frontiers, which is on our fingertips, stop being passive and begin being active people. This is to make good use of the many channels to stand out from the others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube are excellent tools to create significant contents which make us valuable in a massive market.

Although young people communicate easily on the internet it is also necessary having other abilities that they already have just by being young. They totally control digital platforms and its language, so they are able to capt the attention of the most important companies on the market. Thus, it is possible to prosper being hard-working, update, and learning every day with only having a mobile phone and a laptop.

It is true that social networks were born to entertain and join people, but we must start using them to our own good. We only need to be transparent and understand the audience and their necessities. Consequently, the success will be around the corner in the end.