Future Olympic Games are already here

Intel Corporation substitutes McDonald’s as sponsor of the most important sports event in the world

Intel Corporation Olympic Games

International Olympic Committee has announced that Intel Corporation will be the substitute of McDonald’s as main sponsor of the Olympic Games, the most important sports worldwide. Thus, the Californian company ends with 40 years of patronage from fast food multinational to change extremely the technology of the Olympic Games until 2024 and demonstrate that they are more than a circuit manufacturer company. Under the motto “Welcome to the future of the Olympic Games”, Americans promise a broadcasting revolution applying the newest technologies, even those which are still to come.

Virtual reality is Intel’s first card. This technology is still arriving in dribs and drabs to users’ homes, but they hope the market evolves in this way so as to proportionate in Tokio 2020 a real time 180º vision of everything is happening thank to TrueVR cameras.

But they have also thought about those who can’t have virtual reality. That is why they will implement the best volumetric video system with the best new improvements in the market. Therefore, this 32 cameras system will provide spectators with the most minimum detail available so as to watch everything from their favorite sports. Everything just from sofa.

The ideal complements which are succeeding in TV and Youtube are drones. A tool which saves money and reaches where was not possible before. Competitions far from stadiums are the most beneficiary ones with this technology. Sports like sailing, canoeing or cycling will have a different point of view.

Finally, and oriented to organizers, sportsmen and journalists, 5G technology will be available in the whole olympic villages. A technology that is still to come in two or three years and which will be present to make communications easier. This new mobile phone generation not will only be used to download faster than before but also to do it simultaneously in more devices.

Digital Diogenes syndrome

How many of us shoot photographs all over the place when not required and we accumulate them without sense?

Sindrome Diogenes digital

Xataka website published recently an article about this issue. About if we all accumulate garbage in our mobile phones. It is also about if we have an appropriate behaviour with them. We share this publication and realize our own reflexion about this issue.

According to medicine, Diogenes syndrome is a disorder characterized by compulsive hoarding of garbage at home as well as social withdrawal and extreme self-neglected, with a serious mental and physical health problem as a result. It refers to Diogenes from Sinope, greek philosopher who adopted and promulgated to the extreme the independence between material necessities and privation ideals.

With the arrival of the digital age, this syndrome has increased greatly and figuratively in such a way that all mobile phone users have become possible patients of a digital Diogenes syndrome. We do not disregard our hygiene neither accumulate kilos of physical garbage. We do not isolate from society… or maybe yes?

How many of us have tens and tens of photographs shot without thinking and accumulate them with the time in our mobile phone? How many of us have stopped enjoying a live event and isolated ourselves for catching it in the memory of our device? Besides, with applications like Whatsapp our digital album has become an infinite container of files, most of them are not valuable sentimentally neither artistically. Instead of filter them we use to wide it buying new and better memory cards.

It is not appropriate asking for a back to the past. To those times in which we waited hungrily the developing of our film roll of our analog camera to see the result of our shooting. Actual technology provides us with the opportunity to have very powerful cameras in our pockets, able to obtain an excellent result, more than enough in the most of cases to remember a special moment.

The solution to avoid moments like we live in concerts, football matches, religious processions and even school performances is moderation. We must know the difference from when to take our phone is worth it to when is much more rewarding to leave it in our fluffy pockets and enjoy the moment in live. In the end, in such a great events there are professionals working for let us relive those moments when we want. That is the job of producers like One Produccions.

Finally, being a good mobile phone user not only will led us be more respectful with ourselves and the others but will also help us to improve in many different aspects.

The main legal cannabis industry event in Europe will be hold in Barcelona again

One Produccions will produce, illuminate and record Forum The Arcview Europa 2018.

Forum The Arcview Group Europa | One Produccions

Forum The Arcview Group Europa | One Produccions

Forum The Arcview Group Europa, the main legal cannabis industry event in the continent, will be hold in Barcelona in June, 2018. This year, in March, it gathered enterpreneurs and companies, who presented their future projects to qualified investors, both european and northamerican, in a meeting with more than 100 assitants.

After our production, illumination and recording, One Produccions, will provide the meeting with its services again thank to its amazing human resources and technical means: cranes, focuses, cameras or control panels so that they make Forum Europa a complete success again, both assistance and international influence.

This service offers the opportunity to celebrate great conventions and congresses, of any kind. Thus, your event will have everything necessary so as to speakers and assitants can be able to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable, with everything close at hand.

Arcview Group’s objective is becoming the platform in which cannabis companies think about so as to decide their fussions or capital increasings. For national and internationals investors, they hope to be the referent where to search investment oportunities in the legal cannabis industry in Europe.

Here you can watch the making of The Arcview BCN 17:

Short films so as to create a brand image

Estrella Damm presents La vida nuestra, its third consecutive year short film for summer campaign. A good spirit, positivity, beer and Mediterranean sea cocktail made by a top-class team, like 2015 and 2016.

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

La vida nuestra is the last short film of Estrella Damm, a brand that has opted for fiction to widen its brand image instead of other different or short formats like spots. In this way they different from their competitors thanks to a very professional product, with a clear message and target.

The brand turns again to well-known faces so as to go as far as possible. None other than Peter Dinklage, Tyrion Lannister in Game of thrones, stars the short film together with Álvaro Cervantes, Carlos V in Carlos, rey emperador, one of the most famous young actors in our country nowadays. Raúl Arévalo co-writes and directs the film, who won the best movie award in the last edition of Goya awards with Tarde para la ira.

After the good results of the last short films, Las pequeñas cosas (2016) and Vale (2015), they repeat the combination of a foreign actor plus a Spanish one under the order of another successful Spanish director. Last year Jean Reno and Laia Costa were directed by Alberto Rodríguez, author of La isla mínima, whereas in 2015 Alejandro Amenábar was the filmmaker while Dakota Johnson, protagonist of Fifty shades of Grey, and Quim Gutiérrez, were the principal roles.

Short films are a different way of get a good position and making the message go far in a new, fresh and entertaining way; much deeper. A more difficult process, less cheap that has allowed Estrella Damm to become something more than the good spirit beer, among ukeleles and straw hats. A risky but effective idea able to break with every frontier.


Social networks and business communication – Is Facebook broken?

Homogeneous contents, shocking and sensationalist, invade social networks because of the algorithm of Facebook

Social networks and business communication | One Produccions

Social networks and business communication | One Produccions

The birth of Facebook in 2004 created a gap in communication environment. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network promised to build a global network in which people were interconnected. An almost utopian future, more transparent and linked… but with the past of the years we have discovered that all that glitters is not gold.

What was firstly announced as an opportunity to widen our frontiers has become just the opposite. We have shut ourselves in a bubble with our friends, relatives and homogeneous contents based on our clicks. This transform surfing the internet into a vicious, repetitive and a little enriching experience.

According to TechCrunch, it is all because of the algorithm. ¿Is it really that efficient? ¿Has Facebook improved the communication environment or has it simply shacked it up? Network is now full of attractive, shocking and gutter contents with the aim of obtaining millions of clicks. In this way the algorithm offers us the same contents that we see, creating a poor sphere. If we also take into account the critics about privacy and fake news… Facebook might not be what was promised the first time.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of good communication tools so as to create strong conversations with our relatives, friends, followers or clients. Facebook can even be a very useful platform to reach our aims with an honest and true communication if we use it responsibly. One Produccions offers the opportunity to manage the communication of your organization, company, business, website… and also generating a conversation between equals with them thank to social networks. It does not mind if they could be broken but the capacity of using them in a good way.