How many of us shoot photographs all over the place when not required and we accumulate them without sense?

Sindrome Diogenes digital

Xataka website published recently an article about this issue. About if we all accumulate garbage in our mobile phones. It is also about if we have an appropriate behaviour with them. We share this publication and realize our own reflexion about this issue.

According to medicine, Diogenes syndrome is a disorder characterized by compulsive hoarding of garbage at home as well as social withdrawal and extreme self-neglected, with a serious mental and physical health problem as a result. It refers to Diogenes from Sinope, greek philosopher who adopted and promulgated to the extreme the independence between material necessities and privation ideals.

With the arrival of the digital age, this syndrome has increased greatly and figuratively in such a way that all mobile phone users have become possible patients of a digital Diogenes syndrome. We do not disregard our hygiene neither accumulate kilos of physical garbage. We do not isolate from society… or maybe yes?

How many of us have tens and tens of photographs shot without thinking and accumulate them with the time in our mobile phone? How many of us have stopped enjoying a live event and isolated ourselves for catching it in the memory of our device? Besides, with applications like Whatsapp our digital album has become an infinite container of files, most of them are not valuable sentimentally neither artistically. Instead of filter them we use to wide it buying new and better memory cards.

It is not appropriate asking for a back to the past. To those times in which we waited hungrily the developing of our film roll of our analog camera to see the result of our shooting. Actual technology provides us with the opportunity to have very powerful cameras in our pockets, able to obtain an excellent result, more than enough in the most of cases to remember a special moment.

The solution to avoid moments like we live in concerts, football matches, religious processions and even school performances is moderation. We must know the difference from when to take our phone is worth it to when is much more rewarding to leave it in our fluffy pockets and enjoy the moment in live. In the end, in such a great events there are professionals working for let us relive those moments when we want. That is the job of producers like One Produccions.

Finally, being a good mobile phone user not only will led us be more respectful with ourselves and the others but will also help us to improve in many different aspects.