No hay director que arregle una mala historia

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Alguien dijo que no hay director que estropee un buen guiA?n. Eso es casi cierto: Youtube estA? plagado de brillantes ideas filmadas con un mA?vil, el Movie Maker y ningA?n conocimiento de cine. Y sin embargo estA?n ahA�, con millones de reproducciones.

A?Hemos perdido el gusto por la forma, como nos pasa con la mA?sica en mp3? No. Pero el guiA?n, la idea, sigue siendo la madre de todas las batallas. Como una canciA?n de los Beatles sigue siendo una canciA?n de los Beatles aunque la toque yo con una guitarra espaA�ola desafinada.

Cuando el cliente nos encarga un video, en las productoras comenzamos a pensar en realizadores, iluminaciA?n, raA�les ,o cA?maras de last generation. Queremos -somos profesionales- que la idea que nos proponen llegue a los ojos del espectador como la mejor producciA?n posible, y asA� ha de ser. Pero ocurre en algunas ocasiones que el guiA?n no estA? a la altura del resultado tA�cnico. Entonces el video, la pelA�cula, no tiene recorrido ni resultados. Nuestro trabajo se cae con el conjunto.

Los malos guiones son el mayor enemigo del prestigio de las productoras audiovisuales y hemos de huir de ellos como de la paella con chorizo de Jamie Oliver. Cuesta decirle que no a un cliente. Mucho mA?s decirle que su guiA?n no sirve. Pero a la larga sale barato.

Jamie Oliver

La producciA?n audiovisual a��tan complicada ella tantas veces- no es mA?s que poner en el mundo fA�sico el sueA�o inmaterial de un autor. El espectador quiere ver el sueA�o con sus ojos, quiere sentir la historia. Cuando de niA�o vi la primera pelA�cula de Indiana Jones no me parA� a pensar en los filtros de la cA?mara ni en los travellings ni planos secuencia que metA�a el director. Me impresionA? aquella piedra gigante que rodaba hacia la pantalla y el fabuloso scalextric dentro de la mina, pero lo que me quedA? fue una historia buena bien contada, cosa que no me sucediA?

tras visionar el episodio II de Star Wars, o la para mA� espantosa Waterworld de Kevin Costner, que no andaban mal de presupuesto ni de efectos especiales. Es como el maquillaje: el mejor es el que no se nota, el que nos hace creer que la persona maquillada es asA� (como dijo Cindy Crawford a unas admiradoras: a�?no os engaA�A�is: reciA�n levantada, ni yo misma me parezco a Cindy Crawforda�?).

No estoy de acuerdo del todo con la primera frase de este artA�culo: existen malas producciones, y algunas casi han destrozado un guiA?n aceptable. Por supuesto que una buena producciA?n acrecienta el valor del cuento. La misma pelA�cula de Indiana Jones o el sA�ptimo capA�tulo de la ultima temporada de Game of Thrones, deben parte de su A�xito a grandes producciones. Pero como tambiA�n dijo otro: no hay director que arregle una mala historia.

What are Values of the Two-Year College or university.

State-of-the-art education and learning during this country is quickly becoming a need while in the organisation group rather then an extravagance. While in the previous the men and women who experienced a secondary faculty preparation however had the prospect to manufacture a remarkable environment for themselves as well as their family members. These times are efficiently turning into one other dieing coal for the past. On the off likelihood that you simply would like to have giant acquiring would-be amid your life span that you’re utterly limited by your understanding possibilities and also the stage of instruction you have got gotten.

The uplifting information is that you do not must use a earn or bust approach with regards to instruction. You can easily launch by making toddler strides close to superior education. Within the off opportunity that you just have a junior college or university in the common vicinity, this really is one in every of the very best property for starting off your college instruction at any phase on your living. Most junior schools provide you with courses at several instances amid the day and evening, even some on Saturday keeping in mind the tip goal to oblige understudies of assorted ages and foundations.

Junior colleges likewise provide a amazing opportunity to start off your learning mission in a very way which is an awesome offer a great deal more easily fair into the typical national than an all out college or university. These colleges are to a wonderful extent worker schools on the other hand one can find just a few that let understudies the adventure of residing with a college grounds in a a lot of lower expense than most true schools cost to the identical or essentially the same as added benefits.

Junior colleges additionally allow you to definitely investigate your selections in case you are not often specific what heading you want in your schooling to require with no need of spending this sort of a substantial price for that process. In case you are aware of the vocation way you want to get chances are you may track down a two-year degree method which will have you ever outside of faculty as well as in a job a whole lot earlier than a four-year system will permit. About the off chance that that won’t adequate news for yourself, a huge portion of the two-year tasks of research that will be featured within the junior university stage could possibly just go very easily into 4 yr certification packages at the higher education degree.

Junior schools provide a amazing start for many consumers that are researching for state-of-the-art training it doesn’t matter if to assist their professions or simply just to find out pleasure on someone stage in life. You’ll find a number of great initiatives in professional fields and scholarly fields that could be investigated and experiments to the junior university degree.

For graduating secondary school understudies junior faculties aid understudies handbook in the alteration from secondary school to high school with no need of experiencing the best way of daily life stun that one or two faculties can put understudies via. You will discover that there are quite often lots of odds to satisfy instructive and also social requirements for the junior college or university stage for understudies which might be occupied with seeking following a junior university guidance.

You should furthermore find that junior faculties are much considerably less demanding to expending as regards to placing apart finances and financial commitment money for possibly your very own university training or maybe the instructive bills of your youngsters. Having them drop by a junior college or university for just a lengthy time then exchanging to the College can spare plenty of cash and provides you a little bit of intellect that the young ones are as but accepting an awesome stage of instruction.

Certainly, relating to the off probability that you are hunting for an astounding excellent quality as regards to instruction you would do by yourself or your children an injury in the event that you don’t look within the junior school alternate options in your standard vicinity in advance of dove in and jumping to the university technique for life. You will see that that junior colleges quite often have an equivalent amount of instruction for your elementary lessons that to begin with and next 12 months undergrads consistently consider, they may be a vastly enhanced esteem for the income, and they’re an extraordinary qualities to the folks who are trying to juggle their working out with family and work duties.