26 October, 2017

Digital advertising will pass television in three years

The growth of advertising investments on web pages, social networks and search engines will increase to pass the traditional television commercials.

According to the experts, it is foreseen that the digital advertising will pass traditional in 2020. A clear example of the communication times are changing, especially since the global implementation of the internet and the unstoppable growth of search engines’ and social networks’ influence.

This trend is positive because every advertising consumption, whether digital or conventional, is good for the industry. The negative part comes when more than half of the investment for the coming years will focus on search engines, an area where Google practically owns the monopoly, an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to have visibility on the internet.


On the other hand are the social networks. Youtube as a business is a reality, and more and more users prefer watching video on demand instead of what a rigid television programming offers, that does not satisfy all ages public according to their likes. This is how the youtuber phenomenon has grown, helped by a huge advertising investment. A trend that is inevitably growing.

The rest of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram also offer the possibility of investing to obtain more visibility and, consequently, more followers and likes per publication. A clear example is that advertising is concentrating on smaller spaces where the effectiveness is consequently greater.

Loteria Navidad

All of this does not mean that when 2020 arrives it will be the end of TV commercials, like the Christmas Lottery or the first spot of the new year, the most expensive one, but we will pay attention to how the advertising market is going to change because we, as potential users, will still have much to say in it.

6 October, 2017

Is it time for the front camera to be better than the rear camera?

Social networks and selfies have caused users to give greater use to the front camera of their devices

front camera

Nowadays having a good phone camera is something usual and taken for granted, but it was not always so. The first mobile phone popular use with camera was launched 17 years ago. It was the J-SH04, from the Japanese company Sharp. It was not until 2002 when telephones with an incorporated camera arrived in the United States with the model SCP-5300 of Sanyo, also Japanese. This model incorporated tools such as flash and white balance, among others. However, what was a great qualitative leap was Nokia 7650, establishing a milestone in telephony history with a 0.3 megapixels camera with a resolution of 640×480 VGA.

After so many years of technological advances, most mobile devices have not only simple cameras, but also some capable of capturing very high-quality snapshots and 4K resolution videos, but the future of technology is not only determined by companies, but also users. Thus, social networks and the use that its users have made of them have caused a drastic evolution in frontal cameras, which in some cases are more used than their neighbors in the back.

Instagram, the fastest growing network that nowadays has 700 million users, is the clearest example of photographs taken with both cameras. Total numbers of these are close to be equal. While some take advantage of the frontal camera to shoot group selfies in emblematic places or simply to show their friendship and record Stories, others benefit from the quality of their cameras to capture beautiful snapshots or the most intimate moments of their lives.

It is not clear that the frontal camera has to be better than the posterior, but the tendency should be both having the same quality. It is true that the screen of the phone gives less space to install a higher capacity lens, but technology has already surprised us on many occasions to do it again. For now there are already 8 megapixel front cameras with an f/ 1.7. In a few months we are about to experience a multitude of improvements in this matter.

4 October, 2017

6 tips for shooting a wedding

Weddings have become the professional photographer’s daily life, but doing quality work is no easy task.

fotografia bodas

Weddings have incorporated more and more innovations with the passage of the years. From the simplicity and tradition of the last century, with few guests and small ceremonies, to huge events with even more than one celebration day. There have also been many changes with regard to technology. Hand in hand with the evolution of the cameras has also gone the professionalism of the photographers, who are able to provide clients with high quality works. Even though it may seem simple, a wedding is a challenge if the ultimate goal is a perfect album. Therefore, we give you some keys to make the work as efficient as possible:

Good planning

It may seem obvious, but preparing the material in advance can avoid many troubles. You never have to feel too confident. It is better to check things twice before you suffer a surprise on the day of the event. It is also necessary to know every wedding moment to know where to be at the right time. Therefore, going to all key locations and ask the clients how the day will be will greatly help photographers.

Two, always better than one

Two photographers will capture moments better than one. Not only because they shoot double, but because it allows giving different perspectives and assurance that there is someone to help the other in case of a setback. It is also advisable to use two types of lens that open the range of possibilities.

Top material

A good material is what one characteristic that makes us stand out above the rest, but it’s no good if you do not make the most of it. Having good machines, great objectives and perfect lighting should be accompanied by a mastery of them. The technology advances every day and you have to be up to the last to offer the bride and groom all the possibilities.

A good team is what one of the characteristics that makes us stand out above the rest, but it’s no good if you do not make the most of it. Having a good appliances, great objectives and perfect lighting should be accompanied by a mastery of them. The technology advances every day and you have to be up to the last to offer the bride and groom all the possibilities.

Attention in key moments

At certain points you must not risk. Prepare the burst mode and pay attention at moments like the entrance of the bride, the rings, the first kiss or the exit of the temple. Even so, if you have done a good preparation, you will be able to turn that moment in an authentic work of photographic art without losing emotion and authenticity.

Shoot small details

Details are the key. Here, the clinical eye of the photographer plays a crucial role in capturing what makes each wedding unique and different from the rest. A look, a smile, a zoom in a very specific object or moment … there are countless situations that the photographer should be aware of.

Editing skills

The photograph does not end until it goes through the computer. If we have used RAW format we will have many more possibilities to create without losing the quality of the image. A good knowledge of programs like Photoshop can completely change a snapshot. Of course you should not adulterate a photograph, but play with the different elements of it to get the perfect picture. With luck, it will rest on a shelf for dozens of years.

29 September, 2017

GoPro Hero6 and Fusion revolutionize the market

While GoPro had already established itself as the leading brand in the action camera market for years, it now makes a qualitative leap with its new products.


GoPro Hero6 and Fusion are going to give a lot of talk in the coming months. The American company has presented its latest products to revolutionize the market of action cameras again, as well as photography. In this way, it takes one step more in video quality and it enters in the photographic market and 360 video, a very current technology in recent times.

GoPro Hero6 is a camera with a 4K60 video quality and 1080p240, with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, higher recharging speed and a more economic performance, in addition to photography in RAW and HDR format. It can also be submerged up to 10 meters deep. In addition, the possibility to edit the best scenes with QuikStories application is a plus to publish high quality videos in the social networks.

On the other hand, Fusion has two lenses of 5.2K30 and 3K60 for 360 video, with the possibility to select a shot and edit it as a high definition video thanks to OverCapture application. With these features, GoPro ensures that you do not need to shoot conventional photographs because each frame will have a quality of 300 pixels per inch.

All these benefits mean a high price of 569.99 euros and 749.99 euros for GoPro Hero6 and Fusion, respectively. A high cost that will be worth if we know to get the most of these two new machines that promise to revolutionize the video and photography market again.

28 September, 2017

Learn how to write 280-character messages on Twitter

Twitter allows the writing of messages of 280 characters for a few days, although only some users can enjoy this radical change of the North American company.

The social network Twitter has surprised its entire community with the increase in the number of characters of the tweets, which will go from 140 to a maximum of 280, double what was allowed until now. While this is a temporary measure to see how it evolves, it has already annoyed some users who had accustomed themselves to these short messages since the social network saw the light back in 2006.

The reason for this decision is the difference between the different languages around the world. They argue that while Japanese, Korean or Chinese need fewer characters to transmit information, in languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese or French, for example, users are in a hurry to not exceed the previously established limit.

The American company already made things easier for users when photographs and labels stopped taking up text space. Even links, however long, occupy a certain number of characters, enough to add the text that we want. Even so, the appearance of the famous “threads” has surely made Twitter think about it, which in this way facilitates things to the tweeters who like to have long conversations in the social network.

Whether it is a successful measure or that ends up being the end of the essence of Twitter we will not know until a time, when the measure is consolidated or, on the other hand, those in charge of the social network decide to step back and return to 140 characters. For now, only a few can enjoy this addition. For those who do not, here we leave you the way to have the new 280 characters available:

Step 1: Download the TamperMonkey extension in your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on the icon of the extension, press the “add new script” option, copy the code shown below as it appears and click on the icon of the diskette to save the changes.

// == UserScript ==

// @name Twitter Cramming

// @description Force enable cramming (280 character tweets) on Twitter

// @author Prof. 9

// @version 0.1

// @match https://twitter.com/*

// @ run-at document-idle

// @namespace prof9.twittercramming

// == / UserScript ==

var initDataInput = document.getElementById (‘init-data’);

var initData = JSON.parse (initDataInput.value);

initData.deciders.cramming_feature_enabled = true;

initData.deciders.cramming_ui_enabled = true;

initDataInput.value = JSON.stringify (initData);

Step 3: Log in to your Twitter account and enjoy messages of 280 characters. Twitter will always indicate on the numeric panel that you have 140 characters left, even if your actual extension has doubled.

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