The main legal cannabis industry event in Europe will be hold in Barcelona again

One Produccions will produce, illuminate and record Forum The Arcview Europa 2018.

Forum The Arcview Group Europa | One Produccions
Forum The Arcview Group Europa | One Produccions

Forum The Arcview Group Europa, the main legal cannabis industry event in the continent, will be hold in Barcelona in June, 2018. This year, in March, it gathered enterpreneurs and companies, who presented their future projects to qualified investors, both european and northamerican, in a meeting with more than 100 assitants.

After our production, illumination and recording, One Produccions, will provide the meeting with its services again thank to its amazing human resources and technical means: cranes, focuses, cameras or control panels so that they make Forum Europa a complete success again, both assistance and international influence.

This service offers the opportunity to celebrate great conventions and congresses, of any kind. Thus, your event will have everything necessary so as to speakers and assitants can be able to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable, with everything close at hand.

Arcview Group’s objective is becoming the platform in which cannabis companies think about so as to decide their fussions or capital increasings. For national and internationals investors, they hope to be the referent where to search investment oportunities in the legal cannabis industry in Europe.

Here you can watch the making of The Arcview BCN 17:

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