The decline of compact cameras

The constant advance of mobile phones relegates them to the background

cámara compacta

Telephony covers a huge activity within the technology industry. The months go by and the progresses take place without giving a second. In turn, in a few years we have gone from the tendency to use tiny or capped phones, to use huge devices whose screens facilitates their manageability and allows us to use a multitude of tools for everyday life. Among them, of course, it is the camera.

Social networks have significantly influenced on the improvement of mobile phone cameras. Without them, there was no need to take pictures of our daily lives and share them in our social profiles, so we did not need to have a camera in our pocket. That is why we used compact digital cameras. They were useful for family gatherings and trips, and the rest of the time they were kept in the drawer waiting for the next event.

With the consolidation of Facebook and, more recently, Instagram, and the need to share our experiences, mobile phones began to move towards this trend, providing us with ever larger devices, better resolution and more advanced cameras. Thus, with the passage of time, the trend has taken compact digital cameras to ostracism.

With the arrival of the 5G just around the corner, internet of things and the interconnectivity of all household electronics, it seems clear that telephony will continue evolving without brakes. With it, photographic objectives evolve too, soon to reach unsuspected quality levels. Meanwhile, our digital compact cameras will be buried under the dust in our drawers.

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